About Us

 Family OwnedWe are a family owned Auto body | Collision | Painting  business in Casa Grande Arizona for over  18 years. We have found that honesty and quality workmanship is an essential part of our auto body and painting business as well as being able to help customers with all there needs. WE DON’T write  estimates to get you in the door and surprise you when you pick your vehicle up. We treat everyone that comes into our shop the same, regardless if it is a $100.00 repair or $5000.00 repair. We will try to make the customers experience as pleasant as possible knowing they have come to our shop under the stress of an accident. We ourselves have been in that situation and it is stressful. As the community continues to grow so does our business, we have people who are coming from the valley due to referrals by our customers. We owe our success not only to our customers and insurance partners but also to our employees who continue to work alongside us. Customers and employees are essential to the success of any business. Business needs both to continue to grow and be prosperous. We have built our business on Integrity | Quality | Satisfaction | Service to our customers.


Our family is very important to us and we strive to carry out the same qualities in our business as our family. We respect everyone that comes to our business and expect the same in return. Dennis and I met 28 years ago, we have two beautiful daughters Crystal and Jessica, a granddaughter Addison and a great son-in-law. It started as just something Dennis and I  talked about doing some day. To some owning a business is like a  dream you have, but with hard work, commitment and perseverance we realized that dream in the fall of 1995. To us success is not achieved its earned by your actions and commitments to your customers. When there is  a passion for what you are doing you will consistently strive to do better. Without customers businesses can’t succeed. I admire Dennis dedication to our business, in these tough economic times he continually has a positive attitude and that inspires me to do the same. He is always willing to help customers in any way he can. He is not a typical owner, he does all the painting as well as estimating, you can expect prompt personalized service every time. do this so