Autobody | Collision | Car Painting

There are thousands of car crashes each year in the United States.  Sometimes, no matter how carefully you drive, an accident is sometimes unavoidable.  Whether it is a major crash or a fender bender in the safety of all passengers involved will be the first concern of everyone. We understand how stressful car accidents are, we try to  repair process fast, hassle-free, and affordable.  The goal of our collision shop is to provide quality repairs in a timely manner, but also to calm already anxious customers who have enough to worry about after  an auto accident. We’re here to help you and give you prompt personalized service.  We offer quality services at competitive prices. Ask us how we can help with you​r deductible. Committed  to providing our customers with quality collision | Auto body repairs since 1995.  From minor dings to major repairs, we will always strive to give quick, affordable, quality services to satisfy you from start to finish.  We are family owned and operated for over 18 years and stand behind our work with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Collision Damage Repair

In the auto body industry there is a difference between minor and major damage. Today’s cars are mostly built with uni-body frames, made of lighter materials and designed to absorb impact—great for safety and fuel efficiency, not so great when it comes to repairing. Being informed as to  the difference between major and minor collision damage and what it takes to repair it may help you understand your estimates to repair damages and why even minor fender benders can cost over $1000.00 to fix depending on make | model and cost of parts. The real difference between major and minor damage is dependent on how severe the damage to the vehicle is, whether or not its affected the structural support or overall integrity of the vehicle.  Damage to a door may be minor by using some body filler to repair or just replacing the outer door skin. sometimes part replacement may be more cost-effective.

At Autosonics Autobody, we try and provide as accurate as possible estimates to give you peace of mind and help you plan your repairs. We use the Audatex Estimating System—an advanced computer software that allows us to give you a by-the-book price for your specific part or service you are obtaining from Autosonics Autobody. We type in the year, make, and model of your vehicle and it gives us an objective, accurate estimate for how much your repair will cost.

Painting Services

Whether you need a fender painted or a complete color change, we use quality products combined with our commitment to service to restore the shine back to any vehicle.  Giving a car a new paint job can make it look better than new. A quality paint job depends on the quality of the prep, namely Prepping | Sanding | Prime | Block | Paint | Detail. Most of the painters’ time and efforts focus on the first three things while the painting process begins. Each of these things would need many days to complete depending on  condition of the cars surface. An entire paint job could take between 7-10 days or longer if the paint must be stripped.

Spot Painting

A spot job is our way of fully repairing dings, scratches, and chips that need more than just painting. When we do a spot job repair, we remove all the paint from the damaged area, or spot. We then sand that area smooth, apply primer and repaint, When  finished  your car’s finish looks as good as new. Come in or call today for a free estimate.

Bumper Repair or Replacement

Depending on your car, you may need to remove or repair the bumper. That is not always necessary but in doing this guarantees the best paint coverage, prevents any over spray on the car, and ensures there will be no paint gap between the bumper and the rest of the car. At Autosonics Auto body we repair peeling, torn and bumpers damaged in an auto accident for much less than other auto body repair shops. We expertly paint match the color of your bumper with Matrix Automotive refinish products. If the car is older, if Original Equipment parts aren’t available or if you or your insurance company want to economize – we can provide either used Like Kind Quality or aftermarket parts.